Full Spectrum Extracts

The oils that started it all, our refined dabbable full spectrum extracts offer connoisseur quality, rich flavor and vivid effects.

Black Label FSE Cartridge

Our convenient, low-profile vaporizer pen invites medical patients and adult-use consumers of all experience levels to enjoy the widest selection of single-source, single-strain full spectrum cartridges available anywhere.

Black Label Experience Tasting Flights

Tasting Flights are the ideal way to explore our vividly flavorful signature extracts, featuring curated selection of grown and extracted by GDL Black Label concentrates that share a common flavor note (and potentially a common ancestor).

Live Resin Cartridge

Premium vaporizer cartridges filled with uncut, additive-free single strain live resin make it easy to enjoy our expansive genetic library.

Live Rosin

Vividly flavorful hand-crafted solventless extracts born from a fusion of cutting-edge breeding practices and ancient extraction methodologies.

live Badder

Lusciously smooth emulsified cannabis extracts featuring uniform consistency and creamy mouth feel.


Bring Green Dot Labs fine cannabis extracts with you anywhere in the state of Colorado!

From seed to shatter, a premier cannabis brand

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Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract Pen

Black Label

Green Dot Labs' Black Label extracts represent the ultimate in quality, purity and flavor. Our signature line of concentrates is grown and extracted in-house, highlighting 150+ rare and exclusive varietals an endless variety of flavors and effects in several finishes and formats. Every Black Label box features varietal info and tasting notes from founder Dave Malone to inspire further exploration and understanding.

Silver Label Marijuana Oil

Silver Label

Sourced using retired strains from our Black Label garden and with flower from top Colorado cultivators, the GDL Silver Label line highlights crowd-pleasing extracts. Silver Label products are processed using the same careful solvent-based extraction methods as our Black Label line.

Silver Label Marijuana Oil

White Label Services


We are dedicated to producing the highest quality extracts for your dispensary.

We offer a free consultation for interested dispensaries to help educate in our extraction processes and to ensure dispensaries are providing patients with the highest quality extracts possible.

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