Our Grow

From Seed to Sauce

Our state of the art growing facility lies in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. We utilize a perpetual planting and harvesting scheme which ensures our laboratory receives the freshest material available, and the customer receives the freshest concentrates on the market.

We grow in a semi-organic fashion, relying on a biodynamic, living soil structure. By fertilizing with the highest quality natural nutrients and supplements available, our plants grow lush and healthy without harsh petro-chemical additives like many other grows in Colorado.

Our grow remains sustainably healthy with an intensive, bio-reliant Integrated Pest Management program. We rely on microbes and organic plant oils to defend our plants from pests and diseases. We have seen to many grows succumb to systemic pesticides and fungicides, chemical bombs, and immoral practices. We choose to use sustainable agricultural methods of disease prevention and control which gives us a leg up in the long run.

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seeds are the lifeblood

We choose to grow with many types of seeds from all around the world to find the most unique plants for our patients. Extracting oil from dull plants will yield dull results, so we like to keep our genetic stock rotating and are always looking for the next best thing. After growing thousands of seeds, we are lucky enough to keep around a few unique phenotypes that have made the cut.

We have begun breeding certain strains to create in house hybrids that will hopefully one day be the next best oil. Utilizing top genetic lines and strict laboratory testing, we are able to narrow down the genetic variability and produce seeds with a balanced approach to medicine.

Offsetting every watt of energy used here to grow our plants helps decrease our environmental impact of growing in Colorado. By purchasing energy offsets, we are able to grow our in-house medicine with sustainable, clean power. This helps to provide a cleaner environment and conscience with controlled indoor agriculture.

The City of Boulder has praised us on our sustainable methods, and we continue to strive for excellence with every plant we grow. Our methodology is continually improving and we are lucky enough to have gardeners who care deeply about the cannabis plant and our patients using the medicine.

We take exceptional care of our product, from seed to shatter.
The wide variety of flowers in our garden.
Exotic sativa Love Potion 1.1 from Reeferman
We grow only and process only the finest of flowers.
Genetics & Variety
Green Dot Labs works directly with the world’s top breeders of cannabis and has exclusive access to new strains. We believe in variety and want to introduce the consumer to exciting new strains previously unavailable.
Quality In, Quality Out

Our growers are the best-of-the-best. We use a simple, organic growing regimen and dedicate our entire garden of beautiful plants to our extraction lab. Green Dot Labs extracts are made from the best cannabis plants possible.

Live it. Love it. Dab it.

Our labs produce the highest quality cannabis extracts in the world.


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